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Vacuum sealer for clothes

SmartGo VIP Mini

Vacuum & Inflation Pump

Compact, powerful and fast!  SmartGo VIP Mini is your vacuum and inflation pump for both travel and household.  As quick as 2 minutes, VIP Mini can compress bulky clothes and give you extra space for storage or baggage.  You can now vacuum your food or snacks at home and extend its freshness.  The inflation pump works for basketball, swim ring, inflatable balls and toys, etc.

Dual-use Design. Vacuum & Inflate

2-in-1 design, VIP Mini is not only a vacuum compressor for clothes and food, but also a pump for inflatable products and toys.

Powerful. Fast. Efficient

Thanks to the high pressure and air flow, VIP Mini is fast and efficient, an ideal vacuum solution for both travel and household.

  • High pressure (vacuum: -8~-9 PSI, pump: 10~12 PSI)

  • High flow rate 4L/min

Stylish. Compact. Lightweight

Smaller than a smartphone.  Compact size and light weight mean easy carrying on the go.

  • Dimension: 91 x 46 x 37mm

  • Weight: 105g

Quiet Operation, only 50-60dB

VIP Mini is powerful but quiet, only 50-60dB during operation, which is equivalent to the noise level of ordinary conversation.

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SmartGO VIP Mini 7.jpg

Save 70% Luggage Space

By compressing bulky clothes into space-saving bags, you can save a lot of space in storage wherever you are on a trip or at home.

No Need to Use Special Bags

Comes with universal adapter, compatible with different clothes storage bags available in the market.

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​Vacuum sealer for food

Extend Food Freshness

Comes with vacuum nozzle, VIP Mini is working with food storage bag and canister.  By vacuuming the food storage bag, you can keep your food or snacks fresh for much longer, and also save your space in the refrigerator or cabinet.

Powerful Inflation Pump

Comes with ball pin, Asian standard inflate adapter and international standard inflate adapter.  VIP Mini is  working with basketball, football, inflatable ball, air cushion, swim ring and different inflatable toys. 

SmartGo VIP Mini 8.jpg

USB Powered

VIP Mini is USB powered and so no battery inside.  It is more convenient for travel and transportation.

User-friendly One-touch Design

VIP Mini is easy to use, simply press one button to start.  No need to hold the device during operation.

​Made in Taiwan
Package Included
  • vacuum compressor

  • 7 different nozzles/adaptors

  • micro-USB cable

  • user manual

  • storage bag (400x600mm, 1pc)

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SmartGo VIP Mini 9.jpg
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