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SmartGo TWIN Lock TSA



TWIN lock is featuring multiple cables and durable construction that allow you to secure your luggage and belongings in a multitude of ways.  With this lock, you can keep all your luggage securely in one place.  This is the best lock for business trip, leisure travel or backpacker.

  • Sturdy cast zinc alloy construction and two braided steel cables

  • Double cable technology prevents luggage from being broken into

  • Long cable attaches to luggage handle and short cable attaches to zipper pulls

  • Use as a single cable lock by removing longer cable

  • Resettable 3-dial combination

  • Triple Security: Locks zip pulls, locks handle to zip pulls, locks bags to fixed object

  • Travel Sentry® Approved allows your luggage to be unlocked and inspected by special authorities without damage, and also prevents thieves from easily breaking into your luggage and taking valuables

  • Made in Taiwan

SmartGo TWIN Lock


  • Lock Body Size (L X W X H):  40 x 20 x 8mm

  • Cables: 120mm & 175mm

  • Weight : 41g

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