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Suitable for Children & Elderly

Improper sitting posture can put your spine under pressure.  After a period of time, it can result in unnecessary pain.  Upright Seat has been designed using human body engineering technique, it ensures your back is keep in upright position that correct improper sitting posture.  If good seating posture is your goal, Upright Seat is the best choice for you.


Upright Seat use comfortable seat cushioning to correct bad sitting posture.  Our highly elastic back chair design, with excellent support.  Can effectively relieve lower back pressure and provide a comfortable sitting position.


Our highly elastic material use leverage to provide support that push the spine into a natural position and correct your sitting posture.

TAILOR MADE Upright Seat (ship to Hong Kong only)

    • Its leverage principle can provide better support to your spine
    • Correct bad sitting posture and help to prevent kyphosis
    • Disperse back pressure and prevent back pain
    • Breathable in design, allowing the seat to be kept cool and dry.  Made from elastic and durable material, it is suitable to all ages and weight, up to 195KG
    • Easy to move and convenient to use in different place. Our special soft foam cushion makes the seat very comfortable to use
    • Using human body engineering technique, Upright Seat designed to evenly distribute your weight between your hip and waist, providing the feeling of weightless while sitting
    • Made in Korea
    • Dimension: W379 x D362 x H362.5 mm
    • Weight: 1050g
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