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The folding umbrella specially designed for travellers and outdoor activities. Ultra small and lightweight with a comfortable and secure handle for rain protection.  The canopy fabric is specially Black coated which provides a reliable shield from harmful sun rays.  It keeps the area under the umbrella cooler, also protects you from sunburns and skin damages by blocking >99% UV light. Structured with 6 ribs, 3cm wide strap, folding size only 16cm, so handy that you won’t feel like you’re carrying it at all.


Don’t forget to bring a UV protection umbrella when going outdoor. It will protect you from rain and sun radiations, keeping your skin and hair healthy.


SmartGo UV Protection Travel Umbrella

    • Weight: 174g
    • Material: Aluminum and Carbon Fiber
    • Handle Length: 7cm
    • Diameter: 90cm (when open)
    • Shaft (Frame) Length: 49cm
    • Number of Ribs: 6 
    • Folded Length: 16cm
    • Avoid shaking it vigorously while in use
    • Stop using if the frame or ribs are damaged
    • Pay attention the surrounding and mind your own safety
    • Avoid sharp objects which might damage the umbrella fabric
    • If used in a strong wind environment, it may be damaged
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