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Flying is troublesome sometimes, particularly if you want to rest and avoid jet lag.  If your main concern is extra backrest support, TACO can provide a brace and allow you to lean back comfortably and enjoy good rest.  The memory foam core also makes it comfier sleeping pillow to sink into while in the hotel.  TACO is perfect as a travel pillow for adults, and great as a child-size pillow for everyday use.

SmartGo TACO Travel Pillow

    • Premium ultra-responsive memory foam offers long-lasting, conformable backrest support
    • Used as a lumbar support pillow while driving or sitting in a chair
    • A great alternative to a hotel regular pillow
    • Fold into an attached travel cover like a handbag
    • Compact size for easy carrying
    • Polyester plush fabric feels soft yet durable
    • Removable and washable pillow cover
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