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Practically all electronic devices emit heat, even if you can’t always feel it, where to put your device in trying to cool it down is important. Made with the revolutionary heat absorbing gel-form, this dual-purpose storage pouch offers a safe resting place to protect your Pokefi and accessories. Design with extra compartment for battery, cables or cards and webbing tag for easy carrying 

Pokefi Pouch (Protection & Heat Absorbing)

  • Prevent Pokefi Overheating

    High temperature could cause Pokefi to malfunction, to prevent it from overheating, you should:

    • take out and inspect your battery from time to time and make sure it’s not leaking or bloated
    • avoid direct sunlight for an extended period of time
    • remove the case when charging
    • allow the air to move freely around it regularly 
    • do not use case that have a tendency to keep the heat in
    • turn it off in very weak mobile signal reception areas, such as basement

    Pokefi has over-heat self-protection, it will shut down when internal temperature is dangerously high. You should wait until it cools down before switching it on again.

    • Material: 100% polyester
    • Size: 130 x 20 x 90mm (39g)
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