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This multifunction Ninja neck pillow takes relaxation on the go to the next level.  It can be configured as an eye cover, backrest and topper.  Uses light and soft premium memory foam material, which provides great neck and head support, and is comfortable where you need it.


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SmartGo Ninja Hooded Neck Pillow

  • Multifunctional Design

    Can be used as a neck pillow, eye cover, topper, backrest, travel companion all in one

    Premium Memory Foam

    Contoured shape molds to your neck and head for customized support

    Adjustable Length

    Rope design allows you to customize the length for a perfect fit

    Soft Breathable Fabric

    Washable cotton cover keeps you comfortable

    Lightweight Portability

    Folds up compactly to stow in the included carrying case for easy travel

    Universal Compatibility

    Fits a variety of seating, from airplanes to cars to office chairs

    All-day Ergonomics

    Promotes proper spine alignment whether working, reading, napping or reclining

    Total Relaxation

    Hood blocks distracting light, so you can sleep or unwind with ease anywhere


    Dense foam maintains its shape


    Affordable way to upgrade comfort on all your journeys

    Extra pocket

    Makes it convenient to store small items, such as a mobile phone

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