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Magnetic type holder allows you to easily attach and detach your smartphone with one hand.  With a strong gel sucker, the holder can firmly mount inside the car.

ELECOM Smartphone Magnet Car Holder with Gel Sucker

    • Suction cup with strong gel, the holder can mount firmly on the car (if the power of the suction cup is weakened, it will regain after washing with water)
    • An installation plate included, the suction cup can be mounted on dashboard with deep grain
    • Innovative magnetic smartphone holder for easy operation with one hand
    • The connection point of the holder is magnet.  The other magnetic connection point is a finger-ring holder for smartphone, which can prevent falling from the hand for daily use
    • The smartphone can be placed vertically or horizontally on the holder
    • Ball joint allows you to freely adjust the viewing angle to avoid reflection or other factors that might block the screen
    • An alcohol pad for cleaning the dust from adhesion point and the suction cup, it helps the suction power to last longer
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