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ELECOM thumb type trackball mouse, wired/wireless/Bluetooth, gaming-grade high performance optical sensor, durable 8 operation keys and tilt wheel.

ELECOM EX-G PRO Trackball Mouse (Thumb Type)

    • Thumb operation type, easy to operate with palm
    • Using 2.5mm diameter large-size artificial ruby support ball, with smooth surface, greatly improves the sense of control
    • Equipped with a gaming-grade high-performance optical sensor for detection of the trackball’s movement
    • Scroll wheel adopts an excellent optical encoder, excellent durability
    • 8 operation keys + tilt wheel
    • The function assignment of buttons can be changed by using FREE software “ELECOM Mouse Assistant”
    • 3 connection methods (Wired, Wireless, Bluetooth), suitable for using in different environments
    • Compatible with Bluetooth 4.0
    • Left and right keys are equipped with switches made by OMRON, which are widely trusted in terms of durability
    • The pointer movement speed can be divided into 3 options of 500/1000/1500 dpi, and the speed setting of each connection method can be recorded separately
    • Power switch to prevent battery consumption when not in use
    • Battery indication light, lets you know whether the battery needs to be replaced
    • Easy to remove the ball from the hole on back, easy to clean the ball and the internal sensor
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