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This magnetic fitness phone mount allows you to securely attach your iPhone 12 to magnetic surfaces on indoor gym equipment with MagSafe technology, or attach it to handlebars with an included strap.  View content from any angle with 360 degree rotation, and get into your flow.


Enhance Your Workout

Create new experiences with your iPhone 12 while working out with a magnetic fitness phone mount.  The front magnet snaps seamlessly onto the back of your iPhone 12, while the rear magnet attaches securely to magnetic surfaces on your indoor gym equipment, and won’t budge even if your phone vibrates or gets jostled.  A fitness strap is also included to attach to handlebars on exercise bikes, treadmills, rowing machines and more.  A 360-degree rotational ball joint inside the mount allows you to adjust your phone to any angle while you follow exercise apps or stream content during your work out.


Dual Magnetic Attachment

Easily snap your iPhone to the front of the mount with one hand while a powerful rear magnet attaches to magnetic surfaces on indoor gym equipment.


Freedom to Move

An internal ball joint rotates the mount 360-degrees so you can view workout videos or stream entertainment from any angle or position.


Strap Attachment

You can use the included strap to securely attach your iPhone to handlebars, poles, or any other piece of equipment from 1” to 1.5” in diameter.


Keep Your iPhone Secure

Magnetic attachments are strong enough to keep your iPhone in place if it vibrates with an incoming call, or gets bumped during your workout.

Belkin Magnetic Fitness Phone Mount

    • Dual magnetic attachment
    • 360-degree rotational freedom
    • Strap attachment for any indoor gym equipment
    • Secure, vibration-proof placement
    • Dimensions: 146 x 59.6 x 25mm
    • 2-year warranty
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