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ELECOM comfort Bluetooth mouse, 5-button type, Blue LED, quiet operation, power switch and battery indication light.

ELECOM M-XG Ultimate Grip Bluetooth Mouse

庫存單位: M-XGL10BBSBK
    • Silent design, no clicking sound, can be used quietly
    • Fitting hand-shape design realizes the comfort of "easy grip" 
    • Equipped with Blue LED, can be used comfortably even small irregularities and dust
    • Multi-pairing function, switching between two computers by one-click 
    • Leather-like side handles, prevent hand from sliding and improve quality
    • Power-saving design, reduces power consumption by about 34%
    • 5-button type, equipped with "forward" and "back" buttons, which can improve the efficiency of web browsing
    • By adjusting the position, angle and area of the apex, the side buttons are easy to press
    • The function assignment of buttons can be changed by using FREE software “ELECOM Mouse Assistant”
    • Power switch to prevent battery consumption when not in use
    • Battery indication light, lets you know whether the battery needs to be replaced
    • Bluetooth 3.0 standard, supports Bluetooth HID profile, no need to connect receiver
    • Resolution 2000dpi
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